Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hmmm....Where Should I Begin?

We have lots to share about our summer so far, so I'd better get started. First of all, our trip home to ID was great, fun, and of course went by too fast. Bailee and I went out for two weeks while Josh studied for the boards (we figured we wouldn't see him anyways since he studied all day:) then Josh came out for a week and we did lots of fun things. Bailee's personal favorite, as you can tell from the picture was the splash park, but the "bucket" in particular. Weeks later she is still raving about the big red bucket that dumps out water on the kids. Note: Bailee only watched the bucket from a safe distance making sure not to get dumped on!
SInce my parents are remodeling their kitchen, we didn't have much of a place to cook, so we ate a lot of bad food(well good depending upon how you look at it). Bailee is recovering from an addiction to McDonald's breakfast burritos that grandma got her addicted to. She would wake up and the first words out of her mouth was "Beeto" (burrito). However Josh and I are having withdrawals without our sno cone fix. They don't have any around here, so we took advantage and loved the sno cones...w/ice cream on the bottom...mmmmm.
We also took a vacation from our vacation to Island Park. This is one of our most favorite places ever! No matter the time of year, it is so beautiful. We went canoeing, wakeboarding (well Josh did as I jealously watched from the boat), hiking, the playmill theatre, and Josh and dad played a killer game of Jenga. You should be impressed that these two mastered the game...if that is possible. They played the pieces till you couldn't pull anymore out...I was impressed (hence the picture). p.s. I am convinced the only reason it never fell was because the foundation was a Book of Book of Mormon.
Josh, Bailee, Cooper and Nick went to Bear World. Josh and Nick said they thought the kids would like going there, but judging by the picture in the gift shop, it looks like the adults were enjoying it more so than the little ones. Actually, they all had a great time.
We did lots of other fun things, but I just really enjoyed being with and doing things with my family! We had some mallow roasts, got haircuts together (Thanks Kac! p.s. It was a little traumatic at first, but it is starting to grow on pun intended) and just plain old hung out. Anyways, always a good time, with good company, but good to be back...