Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus

One of Bailee's favorite things to do is sing songs (with actions) and lead the music. She is always turning on the radio, and somehow with her unfortunately musically untalented parents has developed this love of music (as I am sure most children do). Recently her favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus", we can start singing this song no matter her mood she becomes instantly happy! We just taught her what the baby and the mom do and we thought it was kind of funny...It is amazing what is entertaining once you become parents! p.s. to hear the video, you can go to the playlist at the bottom of the page and pause the music...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 23, 2008...

March 23rd was a very special day this year. Many important events happened on this day...of course it was Easter, but it was also my Grandma Peterson's birthday, my good friend Kim's Birthday, and Bailee's first day of nursery. Unfortunately living across the country, I didn't get to go to any birthday parties, but I was able to go to nursery with Bailee. That's right, Bailee kept a close eye on me and made sure I didn't make any moves to leave. I guess that is probably normal for the first time, but I 'm just hoping she doesn't pull a Cooper (sorry Kac) for the next year. We had a wonderful Easter dinner at Mama and Papa Dean's new house and Bailee also went on her first Easter egg hunt. She was doing pretty well picking an egg or two up and chucking them into her basket, that was until she discovered there was chocolate inside. While on our trip back to ID grandma decided to show Bailee what she was missing out on and now she has what I call a small addiction to chocolate (don't worry it is not near as bad as the addiction she now has to her beloved binky!!) Once she realized there was chocolate in the eggs she really went to town and was quite the egg hunter...that's my girl!

Wigwams, Caves and Bats( that is)

Being a stay at home mom, you don't really get a "Spring Break", so I decided to take it upon myself and go on an extra long Spring Break vacation! I was able to go home for two weeks, and as always I had a great time with my family. I couldn't believe how much snow they still had and I am hoping it all melts before my next visit! I was a little disappointed that Kacie decided not to have her baby a week early so I could be there to see the new babe...oh well. Anyways, it's just always so nice to be home with my fam, but Josh decided he can't handle his "girls" being away for that long again (I think mostly because he went on a strictly cereal diet while I was gone j/k). Then, when I got back from Idaho, we took a weekend trip to Kentucky. We went to the Louisville Slugger baseball museum and factory, and we also went to Mammoth Caves. Okay, the caves were awesome, but I must say when the grown lady in front of me started to freak out and cry and ended up going back to the bus after only stepping into the cave, I started to get a little nervous. We went REALLY far down tons of stairs to get to the actual cave tunnels. The caves are supposedly the longest in the world (or something like that) and the two hour tour proved to be a little much for Bailee who ended up falling asleep in my arms. The end of the tour was the "Frozen Niagra" which the picture of the stalacmites doesn't do it justice. Anyways the wigwam or tee pee (I don't know the difference) was Josh's surprise to me, and boy was I surprised, cause this was our "hotel". The plaster wigwam "newly renovated" (that term seems to be used more loosely each year) consisted of the original 1930 furniture, a bed, TV and small bathroom. I was skeptical at first but then Josh reminded me of my heritage (Pocahontas is my 14th great grandma) so I decided to suck it up (okay so Josh didn't really say that but she really is my g-ma :) Josh is always keeping things interesting that is for sure, there are so many things I have done in my life that if it weren't for him I would have never experienced, and this was definitely one I will never forget.

Cute vs. Not so cute

Lately, my sweet little Bailee has been making the saddest, ugliest pouty face. She sticks her bottom lip out and scrunches up her face and even though she wants us to know she is not happy with something, I can't help but laugh, and wonder "Where did she learn how to do that!?"