Sunday, June 14, 2009

My House To The White House...CHECK!

Cross it off the to-do list, four days and 450+ miles later Josh just got home from riding his bike from OH to Wash. DC. He had a great time and I can't believe he's hardly even sore today. They stopped a couple places along the way, and met some nice, friendly, and quite interesting people. They definitely had their ups and downs (literally), with flat tires and walking through mud, to 45 mile an hour speeds...crazy! We missed him while he was gone, but we are so proud he was able to accomplish this "feat". It's great to have him back, however I know his mind is already racing, planning the next adventure...who knows maybe "My town to Chi town?" Way to go Josh, you never cease to amaze me!!

To the White House or Bust!

They had a few minor setbacks...

did I mention the killer mountains of West Virginia...

but also some beautiful scenery

Mission Accomplished!