Sunday, June 6, 2010

"My town to Chi Town"...Josh's bike series-Part II

Actually it ended up being "Chi town to my town", but my crazy husband decided to do another bike trip with one of his buddies. Since it was raining the day they planned on leaving they decided to drive to Chicago and start the next day and bike back. They did 100 + miles a day, and during that time, Josh only had one beer can thrown at him! You'd better believe they followed the biker hatin', beer throwin', truck to the gas station down the road for a "friendly chat". Don't worry, just a couple kids up to no good, whom Josh called in for a DUI...that's my hubby, makin the world a safer place one drunk at a time :) Anyways, Josh forgot his sunglasses (kind of important), so after dinner when they got to Chicago, they went to the nickel arcade where Josh's friends were kind enough to donate all their tickets to furnish Josh with a pair of sweet 80's style glasses, florescent green sides and all! Without much training they were able to make it back home and accomplished yet another awesome feat!

Dancing Queen

Nothing is cuter than a couple three year olds runnin around in tutu's. Just like any other little girl, Bai loves to dance, especially ballet. A girl from our ward taught a little ballet class a couple months ago and Bailee loved it. They had a little recital and it was so funny to see how Bai responded to performing in front of a "crowd". She turned into shy, silly Bailee, but still did a great job! The funniest part is when Gabe (who was running around behind where we were seated) somehow snuck up on the stage, ran to the front, and with the biggest grin on his face started waving with both hands. He stole the show for a couple seconds, but it was pretty funny, and boy, was he proud of himself. All her friends in the class have moved, or moved previous to the recital so I am glad she was able to do this with them before we move as well.