Wednesday, October 20, 2010

By the way...

You know the saying, "Everything is bigger in Texas"? Well, that's 100% true, especially when it comes to my belly! That's right, we are having our third child...a girl, and hoping she is a sweet as the first two. I am 24 weeks (Due Feb 4th) and everything has gone great. Bailee is especially excited to have a baby sister and comes up with ideas for a name almost every day. Some of her latest include Asha, Hannah, Sara, Callisa, etc. Most names come from a name in a Barbie book, or names she's heard of with a slight alteration. I gotta hand it to her, she can get pretty creative. Gabe on the other hand has no idea his world is gonna be turned upside down in a couple months...that should be interesting. Anyhow, we couldn't be more excited, and realize what a blessing it is to be able to have children, and what a blessing each child is to us!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!!!

August and September brings lots of Birthdays at the Dean house. Gabe, Josh and Bailee all turn one year older within less than two weeks of each other. It is like Christmas for me around this time as I have to plan for three birthdays and we eat more cake and ice cream than should be consumed in that short of time period. Being here in a new place meant we didn't have to throw any parties (since we haven't met a lot of people yet) which I was happy with, but we did manage to find some fun things to do around here as a family. For Gabers special day we had pizza, opened presents and went to a big bouncy know those germ infested places with all the inflatable toys that the kids roll, sneeze, jump and slobber on. The kids loved it maybe even a little more than Josh, and I was perfectly happy to be the one taking pictures and catching the kids coming down the slides. Josh's birthday was pretty low key. It happened to be on Labor day, so that worked out nicely. He went biking in the morning and we just kind of hung out. We went to the Big Texan restaurant so Josh could get his free prime rib on his birthday. It is definitely a one of a kind place and pretty touristy, but it was fun to see it in person. I made Josh's favorite, carrot cake for his birthday and must say I was pretty excited that it turned out so yummy (considering the last time I made it, was disastrous)! Bailee talks about her birthday for weeks. Since hers is the last of the three she starts asking about it and planning things out weeks in advance. So, when the big day arrived she really milked it. She said things like. "I don't have to take a nap because it's my birthday huh." As always she was spoiled rotten, but living in TX and being obsessed with horses, she made it pretty easy for me. We bought a bike for her in OH before we moved here and have been hiding it ever since. Both her and Josh got bikes for their birthday, and they both love to ride them equally. It's been a fun filled couple of weeks for us, and it's a good thing I get a full year to recover before we get to do it all over again! No matter the month, I am so grateful these three were born, I love them all so much and couldn't imagine my life without them!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"City of Joseph"

So, now Josh is graduated, we had some serious vacation time on our hands. We took advantage of every minute and started off to Nauvoo. We got there Sunday and walked around the temple and looked out over the landscape. It was absolutely beautiful! We went to as many historical sites on Sunday as we could and were able to attend a choral concert by the Sister missionaries. We decided to try and save a few bucks and camp...that was our first mistake. It was 90+ degrees and felt like 100% humidity! Josh set up the tent as the kids and I sweltered in the sun and fought off the mosquitos (do I have your sympathy yet?) We settled into bed, and no sooner had I fallen asleep did I hear Gabe coughing followed by vomit. I rolled off the partially deflated air mattress to discover Gabe covered in throw up (which he did a few more times). I went searching for the flashlight, only to realize, we didn't bring a blasted flashlight!! I used my cell phone and tried to clean Gabe and the mess up by the light of my cell phone. We got things cleaned up and settled back down when Bailee starts crying and complaining about the smell (just thinking about it now gets my stomach turnin). But, that's okay because as soon as I convinced her to relax and go back to sleep, the heavens opened and it started to thunder, lightning and rain (I have never been so happy to be in a thunderstorm). It is now we realize, it probably wasn't the best idea to camp and we are willing to spend a few bucks on a hotel. It was the best 100 bucks I've spent in a long time! Gabe decided he wasn't finished with his antics and threw up once in the hotel and in the car on the way home. Can I just say that throwing up in the car...especially in a car seat should never be allowed to happen!! Anyhow, we managed to do some fun things and see all that we (or the kids) could handle. I highly recommend visiting the church history sites as every time I have gone my testimony has been strengthened and I have a greater appreciation for the early Saints. It builds faith and helps to better understand and visualize history as it was. It wasn't the ideal vacation, but we definitely made some lasting memories. ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Okay, so back up about three months, when we were still in Ohio and life was crazy. We were getting ready to move, looking for a place in TX to live, squeezing in every last minute with friends, and gearing up for graduation! It seems like forever ago, but it was a special day. Along with Josh's family, Bailee and I attended the hooding ceremony for Josh's Dental class. There was a nice reception following, and it was a little bittersweet knowing we were seeing some of our friends and accquaintances for probably the last time. Josh didn't really want to go the the actual graduation (for all OSU students) but I talked him into it, telling him "You only graduate from Dental school once." Mama Dean and I went in the blazing heat and watched Josh, along with 8,000 other students walk into the "Horseshoe". I have to admit, I was (and still am) so proud of him, I even got a little teary eyed. Throughout all four years of Dental school Josh consciously made the decision to not overstress (easier said than done). He was an amazing husband and father through it all, and in notorious Josh fashion, managed to have lots of fun and adventures along the way! Those four years in Ohio were definitely some of the best years of our lives. We already miss it, but we are looking forward to what our future life has to offer...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"My town to Chi Town"...Josh's bike series-Part II

Actually it ended up being "Chi town to my town", but my crazy husband decided to do another bike trip with one of his buddies. Since it was raining the day they planned on leaving they decided to drive to Chicago and start the next day and bike back. They did 100 + miles a day, and during that time, Josh only had one beer can thrown at him! You'd better believe they followed the biker hatin', beer throwin', truck to the gas station down the road for a "friendly chat". Don't worry, just a couple kids up to no good, whom Josh called in for a DUI...that's my hubby, makin the world a safer place one drunk at a time :) Anyways, Josh forgot his sunglasses (kind of important), so after dinner when they got to Chicago, they went to the nickel arcade where Josh's friends were kind enough to donate all their tickets to furnish Josh with a pair of sweet 80's style glasses, florescent green sides and all! Without much training they were able to make it back home and accomplished yet another awesome feat!

Dancing Queen

Nothing is cuter than a couple three year olds runnin around in tutu's. Just like any other little girl, Bai loves to dance, especially ballet. A girl from our ward taught a little ballet class a couple months ago and Bailee loved it. They had a little recital and it was so funny to see how Bai responded to performing in front of a "crowd". She turned into shy, silly Bailee, but still did a great job! The funniest part is when Gabe (who was running around behind where we were seated) somehow snuck up on the stage, ran to the front, and with the biggest grin on his face started waving with both hands. He stole the show for a couple seconds, but it was pretty funny, and boy, was he proud of himself. All her friends in the class have moved, or moved previous to the recital so I am glad she was able to do this with them before we move as well.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Bailee and her little co-op preschool class had their graduation a couple weeks ago. We took turns teaching and it ended up being a great experience for Bailee and I have a greater respect for teachers! (especially teachers of toddlers!) The students wore their dad's white shirts/gown and a yellow construction paper hat/caps (poor Bai has such a large noggin that I actually had to rip her hat in the back in order for it to fit on her head...sad, I know, I just have to keep reminding her, "Big head, big brains" and that seems to make it okay :) They walked down the stairs to "Pomp and Circumstance" and were awarded their diplomas. They really had no idea what was going on, but knew there were treats on the table that were soon to be eaten. A lot of things seem to be coming to an end as our days here in Ohio get fewer and fewer. Lots of last time this, and last day that, but I managed to sneak a first in yesterday. Josh and I ran the Capital City Half Marathon. I have run quite a few races, but never a half, and figured it was now or never. My father in law paid for us to run it, which was even greater incentive (it was either that or pay back the $). So, we headed out in the rain to run, and it wasn't too bad ("too" being the key word). As I was running, I realized I consider myself a "casual" runner (running a couple miles a few times a week) and at about mile 8 I realized I didn't train as good as I probably should have. But that was no excuse cause there was Josh (who didn't train a stitch) running next to me the whole race and I had to keep telling him to slow down...annoying! Bless his heart for staying with me though. All in all, I reached my two goals of not stopping to walk, and finishing in under two hours. It really wasn't too bad, and I think it's kind of like having a baby, give it some time for me to forget all the unpleasant, uncomfortable parts, and I just might do another one.
Oh, and just so Gabe doesn't get left out, this is his latest accomplishment...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Class of 2010 Signing Day!

So, it's official we FINALLY made the decision as to where we are moving! Josh and I are still trying to figure out how the two most indecisive people ended up together...but after much pondering, praying, and possibly even a few ulcers, we are excited about our decision! Also, a special thanks to Josh's bro. Jacob who came up with the ingenius, yet extremely cheesy idea of a press conference. Of course, I think Josh wanted to do this because he missed the opportunity of becoming a professional athlete, but also he needed something of this magnitude to make the decision concrete. Anyways, this is it, and as one of the last in his class to make our decision, we are goin' to...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break Cont'd...

My posts are out of order, but we actually started our little vacation off in Rexburg. We were greeted by Grandpa who showed Bailee her "special drawer" which contained all sorts of treats, including, but not limited to the infamous cheese balls. (Last time there he bought a giant container and that is all Bailee wanted to eat for a week). We lucked out and had great weather, perhaps the nicest it had been all year. Josh and I took advantage and went running a couple times, jogging our old routes we've done hundreds of times...I must say, having so many different places and terrain to run is something I really miss. Anyways, it was good to spend time with Grandpa and Great Grandma Lora and to watch her face light up as she watched her great grandchildren destroy her not so child proof house...oops. It seemed my dad was in the garage fixing and gluing one thing after another without Grandma finding out, I guess we've learned our lesson. We had lots of fun bowling, playing at a bounce place, beautiful drive to W. Yellowstone, I-MAX, watching lots of basketball, eating good food and being with great company. The time always goes too fast, and I never take enough pictures, but we had a great visit and hopefully it won't be too long before we visit again!

Dad of course killed us bowling, but I think as a fair and legitimate excuse, the kiddies were highly distracting!!

Bailee and Gabe loved this place, but I think Josh and I had even more fun...what can I say, we're easily entertained.

The IMAX was a break through. Gabe never ever watches any type of television, etc. He loved the movie and sat and watched to whole thing, pointing with wide eyes the entire time. I must admit I enjoyed watching Gabe and his reactions more than the actual film. Oh, and as you can see, I think Gabe's favorite part was the popcorn.

Sweet Grandma Lora, 94 years old, can maneuver her Jazzy like you couldn't believe. I loved this picture of her watching Bailee, I think she really did find watching them quite entertaining.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Graduating from Dental school means we're on the job hunt. Josh's most recent interview took us to the Baltimore area. We turned our short trip into a mini vacation and found some fun things to do. The kids loved the National Aquarium, as Ohio doesn't provide much of a marine life, they found it very amusing. However, Josh and I got a kick out of the National Dental Museum (yes there is such a thing). Believe it or not, we were the only ones there ;) and took full advantage of the many photo ops we were presented. In all honesty and all things considered, it was actually a pretty impressive museum. It was a fun little family road trip, but only time will tell if we will be returning again sometime in the near future.

I know in this picture Bailee is just thinking..."Payback time"...(she hates getting her teeth brushed, although not half as bad as Gabe)

Ah, look at the smile on Josh's face, that's a proud father who's finally taught his son the correct way to brush. Now if only he can figure out how to get rid of that binky!

As a Dentist who secretly wants to be a cowboy, Josh has seriously vocalized his dream to one day ride his horse to work (He was kidding...I think). The fact that I caught him reading this makes me just a little nervous, hopefully it didn't stir up any new bright ideas.

Only Josh and his big mouth (and I mean that in the nicest way possible :) could fit that toothbrush in his mouth. When he says open wide...he means it!

What does the fishy do?

How come I'm the one that looks afraid of the shark behind the glass...maybe it was the many viewings of Jaws as a child.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tea Party

We were so excited to be able to celebrate Grandma Peterson's Birthday with a special tea party. In her travels around the world and through the years, she has collected many, many beautiful and unique tea sets. She obviously doesn't use them for anything more than a display, but we've all enjoyed grandma's company more than once at our own little tea parties growing up. As a matter of fact, one of the first things she did when we arrived at her house was pull up a chair and chat with Bailee over crumpets and tea (aka pretzels and Sprite:). I thoroughly enjoyed watching them, and I couldn't tell who was actually enjoying it the most. Trish did a great job throwing it together, everyone came dressed the part, and the food was yummy! I think Grandma appreciated being able to actually use some of the china and see it all laid out (good job Cic). Minus the disgusting herbal tea that I promised I'd try (Cicelie made a smart move in smuggling her Diet Coke in a tea cup..ha) it couldn't have been a more perfect way to celebrate the birthday of such a sweet, adorable little lady!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess who doesn't get chocolate pudding again...EVER!

Oh boy, did he have fun. He had pudding from head to toe, from wall to wall. I of course blame only myself for leaving the little mess maker unattended while eating his pudding...big mistake! Dispite the mess, I could only laugh because he was truly so thriled with himself and his masterpiece. But honestly, who could get mad at this face. Ahhh...the joys of motherhood!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

All good things must come to an end...NZ post #4

Continuing our road trip further north, we stopped at the Waitomo glow worm caves. Now, those of you who know me well, know one of my biggest fears are worms. I think it stemmed from an experience in third grade, but that is beside the point. Needless to say, I was a little hesitant when Josh said he wanted to do this. Ideally, he wanted to float down on a little inner tube through the cave, but I had to draw the line somewhere. Well, I don't know if I am just totally uneducated when it comes to the insect world but I was quite relieved to learn that glow worms aren't actual slimy night crawlers that glow in the dark. They are maggots (which aren't much better) and they secrete this mucus (which too is disgusting) that hangs from the ceiling in which they catch their prey. But somehow, the whole experience was pretty mesmerizing. We took a boat ride through the caves covered in glow worms, which gave the effect of a starry night sky. Kind of a random thing to do, but worth the stop. Next up, the beach side town of Paihia. The first day there we attended church at the small branch. The Branch President and his wife were kind enough to invite us over for a traditional Maori dinner. The Maori's are very generous and hospitable and I witnessed this with every one we came in contact with. Another highlight of the trip was the R. Tucker Thompson boat ride. I think Josh secretly wants to be a pirate(...and a cowboy, and a fire fighter...and a...) and was so excited he pretty much took over the ship. There were only a handful of us on the ship and we were responsible for "running" the ship, i.e hoisting the sails, etc. After our hot chocolate and biscuits on board we sailed for a couple hours to the shore. We were able to climb to the top of a hill and look out over the ocean. On the hill were bunkers and other structures built for lookout use during WWII. It was an unexpected surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed this historical aspect we encountered. When we got back to the ship, we had lunch waiting for us, and a rope swing calling Josh's name. It was a unique experience that we both really enjoyed! The last day there, we went to the Waitangi treaty grounds/Maori museum. I had been wanting to go to something like this, to get an idea of some of the Maori history and culture. We attended a show where I was taught how to do the poi poi and Josh did a mean haka (think BYU football pregame). Well, knowing our vacation was coming to an end, I decided I wanted one day to relax on the beach. Josh however had other plans and wanted to take on sea kayaking. Needless to say, Josh went kayaking, I read my book on the beach, which led to a short nap, which in turn led to a severe sunburn. Lucky for me it was the last day of our vacation, unlucky for me, it made for a pretty uncomfortable plane ride home. Well, as the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end", and it was bitter sweet leaving this amazing country. However, I would be lying if I said I wasn't so anxious to see my kids, I couldn't get home fast enough!! We were truly blessed to have been able to go on this trip. Thanks to my in laws (a billion times over) for watching our kiddies and everyone else who helped out. And a big thanks to my travel agent a.k.a Josh, and his months of planning that made this trip even better than I could've ever imagined. Farewell New Zealand...that is until next time. hehehe

I was surprised, this was a lot harder than it looked...check out the concentration!
Josh and one other guy were the only ones who braved the rope swing. Josh definitely won style points on the back flip, however his form could use some work.

Ahoy Mateys! Josh climbing up to the crows nest (don't worry Mama Dean he had a harness on)

I like this pic because you can see the R. Tucker Thompson in the background.
This might look like raising the sails was easy, but give it some time...

and clearly I was struggling. I gotta hand it to those sailors, this was hard work!

Just a random pic of a "dairy". We frequented these for our sugar fix. Josh introduced me to all sorts of delicious junk food including, new flavors of ice cream, gummy candies, and of course the beloved licorice, I couldn't get enough! If I drove by a building like this in the U.S. there's a good chance I wouldn't have eaten anything from there. But the ghetto wallpapered facade drew me in every time!

We couldn't take pictures in the cave, apparently the glow worms were a little camera shy, so here is an okay image of the glow worm caves.