Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Newest Addition...

Meet Ellie Grace, we are all so glad she's finally here!

Excuses, Excuses...

I have lots of excuses...and good ones to, as to why I have not posted in quite some time. However, instead of spending the time listing them, I thought I would do a super abbreviated recap of the last (ahem) four or five months :)
Who says there is not much to do in the TX panhandle? Betcha you've never been to a Prairie Dog're missing out! (Here's the proof that 1. The kids loved it and 2. The sign is proof that it does exist!

We survived the 20 hour (ea. way) road trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving. We didn't waste any time and stayed busy doing all the things we miss and love about Columbus (like trips to the zoo with cousins and the beautiful fall scenery:)

I realize Christmas has long since passed, but for memories sake, we had a wonderful Christmas with just our little family...never a dull moment with Josh as a dad!

I am convinced that my amazing, adventurous husband needs his own blog to document all his fun and excursions, but since I know that will never happen, here is a few pics of my hard working husband ;). He really does work hard, but is so good at finding the perfect balance of work and play. Here he is backpacking at Big Bend Nat'l Park, mountain biking (his new found love), in San Diego with his buddies at a "conference", and running in a race up the Willis (Sears) Tower. Like I said before, never a dull moment when Josh is around!

Phew, I think that is all for the update, I know it is not very thorough, but better than nothin'. Hopefully I can do better to stay caught up...