Friday, April 3, 2009

Lil' Dr. Dean

(I thought this was too funny not to post...) So, you know your husband is in Dental School when your 2 year old comes and asks to play school. Okay I thought, we'll practice our numbers and maybe put some stickers on a paper...right? Not so, we go into Bailee's room and she said to Gabe and I, lay down and open your mouth. That's right, Bailee wasn't just at any school, but her own, imaginary dental school. So she proceeds by saying, "Gabriel Dean, (in her high pitched talking to a baby voice) okay little guy, I need to look in your mouth." She forces his mouth open, not so gently, and the poor little guy completely helpless just cooperates. After opening his mouth, she then said,"Yeah, he's growing teeth." All the while taking notes in his "chart". I was the next victim/patient. She made me lay down, opened my mouth and said,"they look like straight." Thank you Dr. Mix (my Orthodontist 15 years ago:) It was a fairly painless check-up and she did a great job, and if you're interested I'm sure she could squeeze a few new patients into her busy schedule.

Okay, so her method might not be the most gentle, but hey, it gets the job done!

Dr. Dean charting/doodling...