Friday, January 23, 2009

His face says it all...

For all of you who see Gabe and I on a daily basis (or weekly, bi-weekly, etc.), then this post is not going to be the most exciting for you. However, to my long lost, far away, beloved, family and friends, I realize I haven't posted hardly any pictures of Gabe. Babies change so much every month for the first 12+ months, so here is a little tribute/update on Gabe and his many expressions...
Hungry Baby...who wouldn't love their first taste of rice cereal after drinking nothing but milk for 5 months?! Gabe couldn't get enough of the rice cereal and Josh had a hard time keeping up with his demand for this most delicious, fancy feast.

Surprised Baby...Did someone say ShArK?!!

Gomer Baby..."Duuude these googles are groovy."

Stud Muffin Baby...and all you little ladies out there remember, "BALD is BEAUTIFUL!"

Happy Baby...It's real hard to not love such a happy baby!

And my personal favorite...Sleeping Baby! One who takes good naps and sleeps through the night! Clearly this little guy isn't doing either. He decided to test out the comfort of the excersaucer (or neglect-a-saucer in Traci's words) and fell asleep playing. Now really, you gotta love a content, beautiful, happy, peaceful, sleeping baby!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Brief Holiday Update...

We've had a wonderful holiday season, but as always it's good to be home and getting back into the swing of things. Or I should say, it's good to be home and not sharing our bed with two children!! We spent a couple weeks in Idaho and a very white Christmas...I wouldn't have it any other way! Josh and I took advantage of the bounty of snow and went skiing in Utah the day after we flew in. We went a couple times during the break and we both miss and love skiing/snowboarding a lot.

I was also able to spend a fun night with my girl cousins and aunts in Utah, all of whom I don't get to see nearly as often as I'd like. My family and I went to Mountain River Ranch and took a fun, nostalgic, sleigh ride to our dinner/entertainment. By nights end, we were snowed in there and had to wait to get the okay to drive was quite the experience, but a memorable one at that!

On Christmas Eve, Bailee and Cooper, a.k.a Mary and Joseph reenacted the Nativity. Bailee loved being Mary, and the first thing she said on Christmas morning (after requesting to sleep with the baby Jesus doll), was "I want to be Mary".

We took full advantage of the snow (knowing there wouldn't be any back home) and had lots of fun! Josh and I went snowshoeing and Josh made a snow cave for the kiddies. It was pretty funny when Kacie and I went outside, we bundled up with our hats, gators, coats...the works. Bailee kept calling for me, but was looking at Kacie. I realized she couldn't tell Kacie and I apart in our winter attire. I finally had to take off my hat so she would believe that I was indeed her mommy.

Look out Ramones, our family has turned into a bunch of rockers! Okay not really... not even a little, but we did all have a blast (and neglected our children) playing Rockband and Guitar Hero. Bailee and Coops wanted to join in the fun and sang "Hey ho, lets go" over and over...ah, good times!