Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shop Til' You Drop!

Yesterday some friends and I decided to brave the freezing cold weather and head down to the outlets. As you can clearly tell, Bailee was thrilled to go shopping in such pleasant weather. By the end of the day Bailee could handle no more. I was a little disappointed in her endurance, I guess we'll have to work on that. I remember many a shopping trip when my mom almost had me in tears because I was so tired and could shop no more. I am sure some of you know what I am talking about when I say that I was even doing the tired shopping walk where your legs and feet are completely limp and you some how pick up your foot and put it down again, just so you can keep up with your mom so you don't lose her. Funny though, because this happens so often to our family (my mom just out shopping us and eventually losing her) that we came up with a game called "Where's Valdo" (you know, like "Where's Waldo" but with Valerie). Pretty much whoever finds her first wins and gets to cuss her out about not having her cell phone, etc. What can I say, you gotta love her...she's the best!!! p.s. I bet you cant guess what Bailee's favorite color is ?!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Parenting 101...

Everybody knows that you can fix anything with Duct tape...even your child's bad habits ;) Josh had had enough of Bailee picking up her bowl and dumping the food out (which happens faithfully at every meal). So, as you can see, Josh got the bright idea to tape her bowl to her high chair tray...genius, sheer genius...only Bailee just looked at it and ripped the tape off. hahaha Well, he only did it for a good laugh which I had, however Bailee didn't think it was too funny!

Bailee's New Best Friend!

I'm sure as most kids do, Bailee loves animals, her favorite being dogs. For Christmas I decided to get her a puppy. No, of course not a real dog, but a remote control one. Sad to say, that will be the closest she gets to having a pet. Anyhow, it barks and walks (real slow) but she just loves the little mut.